L Shaped Barn

Explore our L Shaped Barn for the perfect size between a center aisle and a shed row! 

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L Shaped Barn for Optimal Space

Is a center aisle modular barn too spacious and a shed row barn too cramped for your needs? Carolina Storage Solutions presents the ideal middle ground with our prefab L-shaped horse barns. This attractive alternative enhances your property's aesthetics while providing ample space for your equestrian requirements.

Consider adding an overhang to minimize mud in high-traffic areas, offering your horses turnout freedom without exposure to the elements. This not only keeps stalls clean but also saves you money—a triple-win scenario!

Benefits of Choosing a L-Shaped Wooden Barn

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The inherent insulating qualities of wood make it the clear choice for constructing your horse barn. A wooden horse barn maintains a cooler environment in the summer and a warmer one in the winter, ensuring your horse's maximum comfort throughout the seasons.

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Opting for a wood horse barn is not only sturdier but also safer than metal alternatives. The risk of serious injury from a well-placed kick puncturing a metal-sided barn is eliminated, as wood does not dent or puncture.

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Wood's absorption properties, in terms of both sound and moisture, create a drier, quieter, and more comfortable living space for your horse. Issues such as condensation are non-existent, and external sounds, be they from the weather or other sources, are muted. Unlike a metal structure, strong winds will not rattle your wood barn or your horses' nerves.

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L Shaped Barns

Standard Features

  • Overhang depth: 8′, 10′, or 12′ overhang is available
  • Any combination of stalls, tack rooms, feed rooms, and wash stalls available
  • 6×6 Pressure treated base rail
  • Rough sawn oak framing
  • Rough sawn pine board & batten siding
  • 4′ Oak kick boards in stalls
  • 4×7 Dutch door and one window with grill in each stall
  • Full floor, service door, and one window in tack room
  • Corner bracket with tow hook on each corner
  • Lifetime warranty architectural shingles
  • No stain or paint on exterior (optional)
  • Your choice of solid divider wall or 4′ wall with 2′ metal grill between stalls and tack room
  • Let us customize your next barn to your exact needs!

Efficient and Weather-Proof L Shaped Horse Barns

Carolina Storage Solutions' L-shaped barns go beyond mere decorative additions to your property. These constructions not only provide an attractive and visually appealing barn but are also weather-proof and resistant to warping and cracking, unlike other woods.

Our efficient process ensures that the time spent on your site is typically just one day, at most two. We prefabricate stall parts, similar to a shed row, and deliver them fully assembled. Once we position the barns on your prepared pad, we add the overhang of your choosing. This approach allows us to maintain quality control over your barn and optimize the efficiency of our team.

Regardless of the number of horses you have, we understand that your passion and concern for their care and safety are top priorities. All our Amish-made horse L-shape barns are crafted with quality, time-tested materials that withstand the effects of nature and the challenges posed by horses.

We ensure that every detail is meticulously addressed, leaving nothing overlooked.

L Shape Shed