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In cooperation with Foxwire Farm Alpacas, Carolina Storage Solutions has designed and delivered multiple Alpaca barns for the shelter and protection of the Alpacas at Foxwire Farm. Keeping in mind the Alpaca’s need for ventilation, space, and safety, we worked very closely with Foxwire Farm and designed a structure that has a very open and functional feel to it. It allows the farmhands easy access into the stalls, tack room, and pasture areas and gives the Alpacas a very comfortable shelter. These alpaca barns are completely portable and they are built with a wood frame, metal siding, insulated roof, and lots of windows and vents to keep the temperature as low as possible for the animals. With metal roof and siding, these buildings are essentially maintenance free!


Designed for alpacas!

Carolina Storage Solutions will provide assistance and advice when it comes to ordering your Alpaca barn. Please see the floor plan layout and pictures of the barns we have delivered to the folks at Foxwire Farms but always keep in mind that we will customize the layout and design according to your specific needs. Our goal is to go beyond your expectations and deliver a product that will make your animals happy and keep them safe!



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Alpaca 1 12×48
Alpaca 2 12×48
Alpaca 3 12×48
Alpaca 4 12×48
Alpaca 1 12×60
Alpaca 2 12×60
Alpaca 3 12×60
Alpaca 4 12×60

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  • Designed for alpacas!
  • Very open and functional.
  • Easy access to stalls & tack room.
  • Insulated roof!
  • Windows and vents!
  • Buildings are essentially maintenance free!
  • Delivered to your site.
  • Custom plans available.

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